Oregano tea – Properties and Effects

Oregano propertiesOregano, or oregano, helps in the treatment of colds, clears the upper airways, is also in the gastrointestinal problems.

Oregano is popular in Italian cuisine. This herb is used for its healing properties. In the treatment of oregano is often used in the form of essential oil and tea. Tea with lebiodki made very simply and it takes no more than 15 minutes. Oregano tea is rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin a acid and Thymol. Are to protect and revitalize damaged cells in the body. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins such as E, A and C, and minerals, including iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and calcium.

Tea of oregano is carminative, diuretic and antifungal. Its ability to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms from multiplying and antiseptic of attacking your body. Oregano tea, thanks to soothing, is most commonly used as a treatment for sinus problems, sore throat and a variety of infections.

Regular consumption of tea, oregano can lower the level of cholesterol in the body.

Oregano is full of antiviral substances that increase the immunity of the organism, thus preventing many diseases. Here are more health properties of tea of oregano:

  • Relieves headaches and back pain
  • Battling infections ear and sinus
  • Relieves colds, flu and cough
  • Cures stuffy nose
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Helps in receiving optimal weight
  • Heals constipation and problems urinating
  • Relieves heartburn and fatigue
  • Relieves asthma attacks
  • Treats sore throat
  • Kills intestinal parasites
  • Relieves menstrual pain and cramps
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves Heart function

Unusual properties of ordinary oregano

Oregano teaNowadays, We all already know that bacteria and viruses cause many diseases, or they are involved in their formation. It takes a long time to determine the extent to which fungi and parasites are the cause of the Disease. Because the symptoms of bacterial infections can be easily distinguished from infections caused by fungi, the diagnosis of the disease is often misdiagnosed, resulting in inefficient treatment.

Medical experts believe that almost half of all new diseases are caused by the internal development of FUNGI. Recent research confirms the unambiguous relationship between fungi, parasites and such seemingly unrelated diseases as asthma, allergies, arthritis, heart and circulatory disorders, and many other ailments that ultimately The settlements are affected by the fact that we feel bad.

Probably is known state when You do not feel or quite sick, nor really healthy. It is a State chronically unwell, accompanied by fatigue and lack of joy of life. There is no time for anything. Our body is not functioning properly. The doctor says that everything is fine, but for peace prescribes a chemical agent against … Well, why? Question very out of place, since Your malaise persists still. After some time, you may even be accompanied by depression.

If you thought that the cause of Your health problems may be internal disease caused by parasites or fungi? Underestimated by modern medicine-can spread in our organisms without obstacles. Weaken our body, absorbing all the nutritious substances that we obtained with such difficulty in the digestion process, wiping out bacterial flora, they release into the bloodstream toxins, spores, sometimes even hallucinogenic substances acting on the nervous system. Hence, depression and a sense of break down. And we’re trying to then new vitamins, diet, micronutrients, and … we are getting weaker. With time and drops us resistance. So what “puts us in bed”. It is not known where to appear serious health problems. This near-universal phenomenon today!

Increasingly, It is said in the medical world about Candida albicans and induced by this niecny fungus Candidiasis. Candida albicans is commonly found around us and also in the human Body. Treatment of candidiasis is often a summer. This is the case for people who… have not yet tried the Drzemiącej force in the extract of the humble oregano plant!

Many people in the world have been convinced of the effective operation of the body cleansing treatment of fungi and parasites. After a few days of drinking tomato juice with a few drops of OREGASEPTU noticed a clear change for the Better. This formulation is extremely effective in these types of problems!

Infusion of oregano for upper respiratory tract infections

oregano, or oregano, treats cough and loosens the upper respiratory tract. A teaspoon of dried herb is enough to pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for 15 minutes. Pity three times a day an infusion of oregano will cleanse the nose and remove the flowing to the throat, facilitate Expectoration. In addition, Odkazi throat, destroying BACTERIA.

For digestion and diarrhea will help brew with LebiodkiTea prepared with dried oregano has a large impact on the work of the digestive system. BREW improves digestion, and when you add the Mint and walerianę-reduces stomach upset. Origanum in form of infusion will solve the problem of diarrhoea, also will help the burdensome bloating, because it works wiatropędnie. Like many other herbs, oregano is a diuretic. It also improves the work of the liver and intestinal motility. An infusion of the oregano may be drunk by people with ulcers stomach and duodenal ulcers, associated with this disorder. The herb also cleanses the body of toxins.

Disinfecting properties of oregano in inflammations of the mouth

The infusion of oregano can be used to detoxify the body, but as well for the local decontamination. On the problems of the mouth and throat apply tea spoon lebiodki molded glass of boiling water. Throat requires four-flushing during the day, and the mouth rinsed two times a day. One time just use 100 ml of infusion.

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