Black tea helps to lose weight

Just not only oregano tea, green, but black tea helps fight obesity. The polyphenols work in two different ways, but the effect is similar.

Black, white, red and green, plus all sorts of flavored blends. Tea great heats, handy on cold days. For many years it was thought that the only drug, and so has no nutritional value. This is not true. Many studies show that tea is a product quite healthy.

In recent years, the pinch of scientists are primarily contained in tea polyphenols – a group of antioxidants.

Black tea helps to lose weight

The excess herbal tea is not conducive to health

Until now it was thought that the most and the most active component of this type contains green tea, hence the suggestions have emerged, that it has the best impact on human health. It was, inter alia, it is known that it reduced body weight. As is apparent from the Institute of food and nutrition in Warsaw, which is stated in the “Epidemiological Review”, this corresponds to the caffeine and Epigallocatechin gallate, which reduce the absorption of fat, increase energy expenditure and fat burning.

A new study of American researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles, show, however, that the “weight” is not only green tea, but black. And weight loss results in both cases are similar, although the mechanisms of action of polyphenols in others.

Black tea for weight loss at least the mouse

In by the team of Dr. Susanne Henning experiment uses four groups of mice. Each of these groups was on another diet:

  • with low fat and high-sugar;
  • with a high content of fat and high-sugar (imitating the diet of residents in the West);
  • with a high content of fat and high-sugar, green tea extract;
  • with a high content of fat and high-sugar extract of black tea.

After four weeks of mouse weight that give the extract of green or black tea was the same as the weight of the mouse on the low-fat diet.

A look of the intestine?

Then the researchers downloaded the samples from the bowels of the rodents (to evaluate bacterial) and samples (to assess the amount of fat). In the case of a mouse eating the extract from both green and black tea, in the gut was less bacteria Firmicutes, and more Bacteroides. The former are associated with the occurrence of obesity, and the latter-with a thin, fat-free body.

Previous studies have shown that that green tea polyphenols are absorbed in the gut and amend the energy metabolism in the liver. And what happens with the black tea?

Team Dr. Henning found that polyphenol molecules contained in the black tea are too large to be absorbed directly. However, stimulate the growth of bacteria called Pseudobutyrivibrio. One of the products of transformation of these micro-organisms are short chain fatty acids-mainly propionic acid, which is known to alter energy metabolism in the liver ( inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol).

Stigma of obesity is not conducive to weight loss

-It was known that the polyphenols in green tea are more efficient and provide more health benefits than the polyphenols of black, because they are absorbed into the blood and tissues. Our new findings suggest that black tea through a unique mechanism associated with the intestinal microflora, may also have its share in the decrease in weight and maintaining health for people, “says Dr. Henning.

According to her, both types of tea are Prebiotics, and so the substances that cause the development of beneficial micro-organisms that contribute to better health.

-For lovers of black tea may be an additional reason to drink it, “adds Dr. Henning.

Note, however, that here the contents of polyphenols in tea leaves is naturally diverse and depends on many factors,

  • sunlight, crop,
  • humidity of the air and soil,
  • the age of leaves.

Young leaves contain more polyphenols than the older. However, in addition to the natural content of these substances in tea, affecting their quantity in liquor, has a way of its preparation. Many polyphenols are tea by 10 minutes. However, they are bitter, precisely because the bitter are those antioxidants.

Other food products containing the same substances are: dark chocolate, red wine and grapes and apples.

Limitations of the study

The tea is healthy. However, you have to keep in mind that the above studies were conducted in mice, which, although similar to us, human beings, however, are not. Caution is also indicated on the ground that it is not known, as used in animals doses of extract of tea to translate into Cup of BREW.

In addition to drinking tea better so keep a healthy diet, to move and sleep well. Then with the correct weight certainly will not be a problem.

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