About me

Harryh.org is an educational portal aimed at improving knowledge of healthy lifestyles and prevention of Disease. It is free and its content, photos, infographics, drawings, graphics and videos can be downloaded and published free of charge on websites, blogs, newsletters, writings and any other Media.

More and more content about a healthy lifestyle appears in the public space. however, There is often a lack of reliable information. Web search engines and existing portals often offer a cursory, fragmented, marketing or sensational Information.

Health service, edited by journalists of Polish Press Agency in cooperation with authorities in the field of medicine and related sciences, is based solely on the news obtained from recognized experts in the field of medicine, psychology, protection Scientific publications with a well-established Position. The mission of the team working on the service is to provide reliable knowledge of how to protect yourself against diseases and injuries and what to do in case of illness or trauma to effectively help the THERAPY.